Why Dance Education?

It is easy to learn steps on a song or music piece. But does it prepare you to dance on any other music or choreograph dance?

Everyone learns alphabets before learning to read or write. Shouldn’t this apply to other disciplines in life such as art, music and dance?

How can I get eduction in Dance?

A classical Indian dance like Kathak can provide a strong foundation in this art. With a good foundation, you learn to dance and choreograph on any music: classical or contemporary; eastern or Western.

Even though Kathak is ancient art, it has evolved over centuries, embracing newer dance forms, and also giving birth to other dance forms e.g. Flamenco. Students trained in Kathak adapt to JAZZ and TAP with ease. Kathak prepares you to dance on any Indian or western music.

Aparna’s Dance Academy offers formal education programs in dance through Diploma in Indian Dance, Kathak.

Why Aparna’s Dance Academy?

Since the beginning in 2001, Aparna’s Dance Academy has committed itself to providing HIGH QUALITY dance education. We are continuing the centuries old tradition of providing DANCE EDUCATION, blending classical Kathak with contemporary music. Our programs are educational and filled with fun.

What dance education programs are offered?

In affiliation with an Indian University, we offer four levels of Diploma programs:

• Prarambhik I & II: Two years foundation program

• Bhushan I, II, III: Three years course after Prarambhik

• Visharad I& II: Two years course after Bhushan

• Bhaskar I& II: Two years course after Visharad

Students are awarded certificates at completion of each program.

Is it all work with no Fun?

Education does not happen without fun. At Aparna’s, we ensure that our students enjoy learning dance . The course work include Kathak and some form of contemporary dances, so that students apply as they learn. Our students really looks forward to their next class.

What are the opportunities for students?

Students get the opportunity to perform at our annual show, Kathak Utsav. Aparna’s students also perform at some very selected events and shows.

Who can join?

Students of age 5 and above can enroll at Aparna’s. Students at Aparna’s include adults and children alike, with some or no previous dance experience.

Where are you located?

Our main studio is located in Alpharetta, GA. We also offer classes in Smyrna, GA.

When and how can I join?

Typically students join at beginning of a semester, Fall or Spring. We follow Fulton County School Calendar. Students can join during the semester as well. To join, visit join us page.

What other dance lessons are offered?

We offer non-program and special occasion private dance lessons. Dance lessons for boys are also offered.

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